Monday, September 16, 2013

Lesson 3

From Joanne:

After exploring the different types of online tools, both to store and organize digital artifacts and to display them in an specific portfolio, I have many new ideas about implementing these in our school as a whole, and in my classroom. First of all, I would love to eventually see students archive all of their files in one consolidated place. Using a tool like Google Docs at the Davis Academy would be extremely beneficial for the students to have all of their work and digital projects online to use as resources for the future. It keeps everything in one place, and it is so easy to send, share, and edit progress with anyone else. It also teaches the students important organizational skills, and the technology skills needed to use a tool such as this. Collecting their data will also allow them a great variety of materials to use in a digital portfolio.
I am going to try out one of the digital portfolios for my class trimester. The theme for the larger unit is “Journeys through Genesis” and I will have a project-based assessment after learning about each character’s journey. As each project will use a different type of media, and a digital portfolio will be a great way to display the final production. It will archive their collection of work and allow the students to become comfortable organizing their digital work with a new tool.  After exploring the ePortfolios in this lesson, I will try with my class. It seems user friendly and like the best way to display development and the final product, while giving space for reflection in the journal section. I look forward to experimenting with this tool with the students as they start to build their digital profiles. I hope that after exploring this tool with this class, I will be prepared to help expand a tool such as this to the greater Davis experience.

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