Sunday, October 13, 2013

How can you use ePortfolios for both formative and summative assessment?

There are a number of ways to use ePortfolios as both formative and summative assessments.  Formative assessments can be used throughout a unit of study to serve as check-ins for student understanding.  Students will be able to reflect on their learning process as they work towards a goal.  Through formative assessments, not only will students will be able to self-assess, but teachers are able to keep track of each student’s progress to ensure that they are on track to meet their goals.  Using ePortfolios allows students, teachers, parents, and administrators to see the growth of the student throughout the life of the portfolio. These reflections and feedback allow the teacher to understand the student’s needs, and help to improve their comprehension of the material by adjusting their teaching.  Formative assessments can be informal and as simple as a blog post answering a question, prompt, or explaining the process of solving a math problem.  The reflections should display what the student has learned.

Summative assessments can be done at the end of a particular unit.  The ePortfolio itself is a summative assessment, and it tracks a student’s progress overtime.  At the end of a unit, students can present their material and reflect on the knowledge they have gained over time. Also, the student can reflect on their progress towards meeting their own academic goals. Both teachers and students can grow throughout the process of using ePortfolios as summative and formative assessment.